John Mark McMullin: How He Loves Story

John Mark McMullin is a singer/songwriter, worship leader extraordinaire from Charlotte, NC. His song “How He Loves” is one of the most popular songs in today’s Christian culture.

Over the years John Mark has told the tearful story behind this song, and the power of its testament only seems to grow and grow. His best friend Steven was in a prayer meeting one morning when he prayed, “Lord, I’d give my life today if it would shake the youth of a nation.” Steven was a youth leader and later that night, he died in a car accident. The next day, John Mark wrote “How He Loves;” in honor of his friend, their unity in Christ and the tremendous pain he felt from the loss. McMullin never meant the song to be a worship song, nor did he imagine how much it would be used to touch the youth of a nation.

Years after Steven’s passing, McMullin began to see how this song was the fulfillment to his friend’s passionate prayer. “How He Loves” is a story about a guy named Steven who meets the Lord for the first time after he died. But it’s also about a strong believer named Steven who unknowingly gave up his life in a prayer, to inspire a song which would carry the message of God’s love to the youth of a nation.

John Mark McMullin
Produced by Christopher & Nathaniel Calnin



  1. Ms. Parker says:

    OH how HE LOVES is evident in my life every day. Thank you for letting the Holy Spirit work in your life. I believe that even if your friend Steven did not leave…this song would have still been created. That’s how HE LOVES.???

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